Recent Developments

Welcome to the .luxe Standard

The first open, Top-Level Domain created to combine Ethereum blockchain innovation and security with ease-of-use for today’s world – the .luxe standard that “lets you exchange easily” smart contracts, crypto and other blockchained products.

No more unintelligible 40 character hashes – just easy-to-remember .luxe words of your choice.

What makes .luxe different?

.luxe has been designed to support the most advanced blockchain platform, Ethereum – to deliver your customers more functionality, greater ease-of-use:

  • For developers:

    easy-to-generate blockchain secured addresses to support their new decentralized applications (DApps)

  • For entrepeneurs:

    memorable blockchain secured addresses through which to operate their business more securely

  • For crypto holders:

    easy-to-remember public key addresses for their crypto-wallets making the transfer of tokens significantly easier

  • Blockchain encryption with greater ease-of-use:

    no more clunky 40 character hashes

As importantly, .luxe names can also resolve through the Internet for traditional web address and email functionality.

What’s the current market for blockchain enabled domains?

Outside of the $300 billion crypto currency market, blockchain is already used for data storage, financial transactions, proof of ownership, security and privacy with many more applications both identified and yet to be imagined.

There is already significant interest in blockchain enabled names:

  • Nearly 300,000 registrations to date in the non ICANN authorized .eth zone

  • Over $28 million USD in .eth domain registrations since May 2017

  • .eth holders to be offered a Limited Registration Period to claim their matching name

Growth of Wallets


All running off difficult to use 40 character hash based identifiers

Who is a .luxe web address for?

Users who believe that quality, innovation, and security on the internet should go hand-in-hand

  • Innovators, blockchain entrepreneurs and developers
  • Crypto wallet holders
  • Investors and traditional web users
  • Existing .eth domain holders
  • Exchanges – including anyone who wishes to conduct a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transaction
  • Brands who wish to secure their trademarks

How does a .luxe name work?

.luxe names run on the DNS like traditional domains for website, email, blog usage.

The only difference…users can also blockchain enable their .luxe names and associate them to their Ethereum based products of choice for additional convenience and functionality:

As a wallet address:

Step one: The customer buys their .luxe name: eg.

Step two: The customer securely associates their name to their existing 40 character wallet address (0x466f6de23…)

Result: the customer can now send and receive tokens into their wallet by simply using their address

As an Internet address for their decentralized app:

Step one: The customer buys their .luxe name: e.g.

Step two: The customer associates the existing 40 character hash of their decentralized app 0x396bf12efd0a…

Result: the customer now has an easy human readable identifier for their decentralized app that can also resolve through the DNS

In fact, the registrant can associate their .luxe name to whatever they want… smart contracts, secure servers, etc. etc...

Why is enabling blockchain for my .luxe web address important?

When and How do I get my .luxe?

.luxe names can be purchased from a list of registrars around the globe. Dates and times are listed below.

TMCH Sunrise Brand Registration
Start: Aug. 9, 2018
16:00pm UTC
End: Oct. 8, 2018
16:00pm UTC
Claims: October 30, 2018 to January 28, 2019
.ETH Limited Registration
Start: Oct. 9, 2018
16:00 UTC
End: Oct. 25, 2018
16:00 UTC
A special period to allow existing .eth holders to claim their matching name
Early Access Program
Start: Oct. 30, 2018
16:00 UTC
End: Nov. 6, 2018
15:59 UTC
Early Access is open to the General Public .Additional fees will be accompany the normal tiered pricing structure during this period
General Availability
Start: Nov. 6, 2018
16:00 UTC
.luxe is live and open to the General Public through participating registrars

Interested in Premium Names?

Premium names can be accessed by Accredited Registrars via the MMX Registrar Portal following link

The .luxe blockchain enablement service is a registry independent service provided by Minds + Machines Limited (MMIE) and ENS

About MMX

Minds + Machines Group Limited (LSE:MMX) is the owner and operator of .luxe and a world class portfolio of top-level domain assets (gTLDs). As a sales and marketing-led registry business, we are focused on bringing the public a wide array of internet domain choices to bring identity and community to the internet. For more information on MMX, please visit